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Spectranet Downloads[edit]

PC based tools[edit]

  • TNFS server - Share files from your PC, Raspberry Pi, or other device to a ZX Spectrum.
  • ethup - The ethup tool: Allows you to load a Spectrum's memory with arbitrary data via the NMI menu.

ROM images and Spectrum tools[edit]

How to update Spectranet firmware online[edit]

The TNFS server at has the latest firmware. It's very easy to update on your Spectrum over the internet. Enter these commands in ZX BASIC:

%mount 0,""
%load ""

On the menu, choose option A (Check/Update firmware) and follow the instructions.

z88dk libraries[edit]

Libraries for z88dk are available for network sockets, general Spectranet functions plus a small HTTP library. The following link explains more.