Spectranet z88dk libraries

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The following file contains the Spectranet libraries for the Z88dk. This allows access to most Spectranet functions via C, including a socket library broadly compatible with the BSD socket library you may find on a modern system.

The zip file contains two directories - lib and include - unpack the ZIP file in the directory where these exist in your Z88dk tree (or alternately, you can unzip the file elsewhere and just copy the files to the right place).

The "_np" versions of the libraries are for use when you page the Spectranet ROM in and want to have it remain paged - basically, the code in the library doesn't auto page the Spectranet ROM. If you're writing code that doesn't expect to use the ZX ROM (or doesn't expect to use it much) use the _np version of the library. The http library depends on the socket library, so it doesn't need an _np version since this will come from the underlying library.

The zip file contains the following libraries:

  • libspectranet - Non-socket Spectranet functions (for example, the calls required to write BASIC extensions etc).
  • libsocket - The socket library providing UDP and TCP sockets.
  • libhttp - A small http library built on top of lib socket

Click here to download the libraries