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The ethup utility is a simple command line utility to upload data to the Spectrum, using a very simple protocol. The protocol is as follows:

bytes 0,1: Start address, LSB first
bytes 2,3: Length, LSB first
bytes 4..: The data

and uses TCP port 2000.

The ethup utility has the following parameters:

ethup <network-address> <filename> <startaddress>

The startaddress parameter is optional. If the startaddress is left out, then it defalts to 0x8000 (32768, decimal).

When the ethup utility is used to send data to the "Add and remove ROM modules" utility, accessed via the NMI menu, the start address is ignored.


The ethup utility can be downloaded here:

For other systems, download the source from WebSVN and build it: [1]