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The Spectranet hardware consists of an expansion card for the Spectrum 16/48K, 128K+, +2 and +3. This section covers technical information about the hardware which will be of interest to developers, emulator writers, hardware hackers, and software people who want to understand more about the underlying hardware.

  • Prototyping - tools for prototyping with ethernet - interesting to anyone wanting to do an 8 bit ethernet hardware project.
  • Logic design - how the board pages memory, traps execution, and works with other hardware.
  • W5100 - The ethernet PHY/MAC/TCP offload engine. Also of interest to other 8 bit ethernet projects.
  • Memory - Spectranet memory layout and usage.
  • Parts list - the "bill of materials" for those who want to roll their own.
  • Spectranet Schematic - PNG and PDF versions of the schematic