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Before you plug it in

The most important points to note:

  • Like any Spectrum peripheral, only connect it to the edge connector with the Spectrum powered off. (The ethernet port, however, is hot pluggable like any other ethernet port).
  • If other peripherals are to be used at the same time - if they have their own ROM, they should be plugged into the Spectranet's through port, or else the Spectranet ROM and the other peripheral's ROM might get paged in at the same time, causing a crash.
  • If you are using a +3 or late model +2, make sure J3 is jumpered. For other models, make sure J3 has no jumper.
  • The M1 line on your Spectrum must work. Some machines have faulty M1 lines. A working M1 line is essential for the Spectranet to be able to determine the CPU state.

Prototype / Development board: User guide

The following short sections introduce the Spectranet, and provide a guide to getting it set up on your network.