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Rev Log message Author Age Path
499 Move to its own dir winston 3209d 23h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
483 guesser's changes for vfs and z88dk Makefiles winston 3284d 08h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
399 Merge gnubinutils branch r372:398 into trunk winston 3649d 09h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
397 Add z88dk libs to new build process winston 3649d 10h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
371 Create new branch for GNU binutils port winston 3675d 02h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
147 add a non-paged library test winston 4450d 00h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
146 build process to generate both paged and nonpaged libraries winston 4450d 00h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
89 rom init functions, more bugfixes, sendto/recvfrom testing winston 4565d 02h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
85 pollall implementation winston 4570d 03h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
84 bug fixes and poll functionality winston 4570d 23h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
82 More C library, more bug fixes winston 4581d 22h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile
79 C library, and some bug fixes in the ROM winston 4587d 00h /trunk/z88dk/socklib/Makefile