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Rev Log message Author Age Path
570 Add guesser's mountpoint busy patch plus new message strings winston 2543d 07h /trunk/tnfs/
556 Recycle session ids from the same client winston 2747d 03h /trunk/tnfs/
546 tnfs protocol doc fixes winston 2959d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
494 Correct incorrect command id for OPEN winston 3199d 21h /trunk/tnfs/
493 Remove outdated tnfs stuff winston 3199d 21h /trunk/tnfs/
484 Backwards compatibility for new tnfs open winston 3252d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
483 guesser's changes for vfs and z88dk Makefiles winston 3252d 07h /trunk/tnfs/
418 Add chroot/drop privs to Unix builds winston 3560d 08h /trunk/tnfs/
417 add missing updates for tnfs_directory winston 3560d 09h /trunk/tnfs/
412 prepare for branch merge winston 3586d 10h /trunk/tnfs/
409 Add config driven automounter winston 3588d 01h /trunk/tnfs/
407 Restore IX stuff now binutils is fixed winston 3599d 22h /trunk/tnfs/
403 add #ifdef for win32 version of mkdir() winston 3616d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
402 Add mkdir/rmdir winston 3616d 07h /trunk/tnfs/
401 Add backoff method to tnfs to avoid swamping a slow server winston 3617d 01h /trunk/tnfs/
324 Add screw holes and slot into outline winston 3806d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
323 make tnfsd work with multiple dir delimiters regardless of the OS winston 3854d 23h /trunk/tnfs/
318 Use correct start address for mount path (E.Cree), off-by-one error in string copy winston 3864d 01h /trunk/tnfs/
300 win32 must explicitly set O_BINARY on open(2) winston 3919d 00h /trunk/tnfs/
299 initial porting work for tnfs on win32 winston 3919d 23h /trunk/tnfs/

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