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Rev Log message Author Age Path
288 Move interface configuration to a module winston 3873d 05h /trunk/tnfs/
265 Detect 7FFD/machine type on NMI, and ensure the 'normal' screen is selected on 128K machines winston 3924d 10h /trunk/tnfs/
255 Initial snapshot saving winston 3938d 09h /trunk/tnfs/
237 Fix umount in perl server winston 3990d 01h /trunk/tnfs/
221 Filesystem basic extension work so far... winston 4085d 06h /trunk/tnfs/
209 Load and save CODE files winston 4125d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
208 Map clock signal to GCK global routing net like it should have been... winston 4125d 05h /trunk/tnfs/
207 Basic saving of BASIC programs winston 4128d 00h /trunk/tnfs/
206 Load BASIC programs winston 4131d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
205 Start adding BASIC program loader support winston 4132d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
204 Timeout/retry mechanism for tnfs winston 4138d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
203 ALOAD command for TNFS winston 4139d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
202 Fix relative paths which don't end in a slash winston 4145d 01h /trunk/tnfs/
201 TNFS datagram sequence numbers winston 4145d 02h /trunk/tnfs/
200 TNFS BASIC interpreter stuff winston 4183d 03h /trunk/tnfs/
199 Rest of the basic TNFS commands winston 4197d 09h /trunk/tnfs/
198 More tnfs operations winston 4198d 00h /trunk/tnfs/
197 TNFS chdir winston 4204d 06h /trunk/tnfs/
191 start on implementing chdir winston 4205d 04h /trunk/tnfs/
188 TNFS file ops winston 4219d 05h /trunk/tnfs/

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