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Rev Log message Author Age Path
443 Fix umount bug winston 3362d 03h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
420 Oops. MAC address and hw registers not being set properly since reset fix winston 3559d 12h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
399 Merge gnubinutils branch r372:398 into trunk winston 3658d 11h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
285 Add rename to base TNFS implementation winston 3986d 10h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
279 Add GETCWD fs command winston 3994d 13h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
238 Add %fs command to switch between mounted filesystems winston 4096d 05h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
236 Manage TNFS sockets for >1 filesystem, fix umount winston 4101d 01h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
212 Start on VFS file operations winston 4229d 02h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
211 Ground work for VFS winston 4230d 01h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
200 TNFS BASIC interpreter stuff winston 4294d 03h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
177 Make SRAM page usage a bit more sane, add allocation routines winston 4388d 01h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
163 oops - add missing file winston 4416d 03h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
150 Add parse error exit point for BASIC extensions winston 4440d 02h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
132 Start on BASIC extensions winston 4518d 04h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
131 Move jump table into the data page winston 4519d 10h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
128 Further trap handler code, plus example winston 4531d 10h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
126 Add programmable trap functions winston 4532d 06h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
114 add calls to get ip settings winston 4549d 01h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
94 Configuration interface winston 4568d 01h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm
93 Abstract out interface configuration winston 4572d 04h /trunk/rom/jumptable.asm

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