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Rev Log message Author Age Path
570 Add guesser's mountpoint busy patch plus new message strings winston 2578d 21h /trunk/rom/
569 remove nop to ensure no instruction is fetched at tape trap addr winston 2579d 18h /trunk/rom/
540 Read of the trapreg now resets the JK flip flop winston 3011d 13h /trunk/rom/
508 Add guesser's sebasic patch winston 3133d 22h /trunk/rom/
498 add siggi's suggestion for flag reset winston 3220d 12h /trunk/rom/
497 Add siggi's fix to a potential hang in close, also remove redundant and problem-causing boot tape trap winston 3220d 12h /trunk/rom/
491 fix bad bug fix in the buffer code (oops) winston 3261d 12h /trunk/rom/
488 tx buffer checking MSB twice and not LSB (thanks Siggi) winston 3267d 13h /trunk/rom/
486 Fix very very old bug: hardware socket memory address set far too high winston 3278d 13h /trunk/rom/
484 Backwards compatibility for new tnfs open winston 3287d 16h /trunk/rom/
483 guesser's changes for vfs and z88dk Makefiles winston 3287d 21h /trunk/rom/
443 Fix umount bug winston 3356d 14h /trunk/rom/
442 New and prevent file overwrite on copy winston 3358d 01h /trunk/rom/
439 oops, broke close() winston 3369d 16h /trunk/rom/
438 Current fs wasn't being set according to the file descriptor in use winston 3369d 17h /trunk/rom/
435 Make NMI menu snapshot item correct winston 3372d 18h /trunk/rom/
432 Alistair Cree's vfs.asm fix winston 3461d 14h /trunk/rom/
431 apply Philip Kendall's dependency fix winston 3461d 15h /trunk/rom/
430 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version, better idea, use BC winston 3499d 14h /trunk/rom/
429 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version winston 3499d 14h /trunk/rom/
428 Silence the AY on NMI winston 3499d 15h /trunk/rom/
421 it would help if the MAC address was getting set properly after all winston 3553d 22h /trunk/rom/
420 Oops. MAC address and hw registers not being set properly since reset fix winston 3553d 23h /trunk/rom/
414 CPLD version detection winston 3621d 22h /trunk/rom/
413 Fix reset branch merge r405:r412 winston 3622d 00h /trunk/rom/
409 Add config driven automounter winston 3623d 16h /trunk/rom/
401 Add backoff method to tnfs to avoid swamping a slow server winston 3652d 15h /trunk/rom/
400 Improve TNFS timeout and no-valid-address handling winston 3652d 18h /trunk/rom/
399 Merge gnubinutils branch r372:398 into trunk winston 3652d 22h /trunk/rom/
370 Make retry mechanism actually work for file reads winston 3680d 00h /trunk/rom/
368 Increase retry count to reflect faster retry times winston 3680d 16h /trunk/rom/
367 improve tnfs retry mechanism winston 3680d 16h /trunk/rom/
366 Make DHCP actually stop on break, rather than random other keys winston 3680d 20h /trunk/rom/
350 fix tnfs mount bug when using a hostname rather than a dotted decimal IP winston 3702d 16h /trunk/rom/
346 more build scripts winston 3705d 14h /trunk/rom/
341 BASIC program bootloader winston 3744d 15h /trunk/rom/
340 Add hook for code to run when BASIC is initialized winston 3751d 14h /trunk/rom/
338 Add missed file... winston 3785d 02h /trunk/rom/
331 Update port numbers in flash programmer winston 3804d 13h /trunk/rom/
330 Change to ZXI ports (0x003B to 0x033B), oops winston 3805d 12h /trunk/rom/
328 Change to ZXI ports (0x00FB to 0x03FB) winston 3805d 16h /trunk/rom/
319 preserve return code from mount winston 3897d 17h /trunk/rom/
316 Fix race with buffer unload vs RST, fix RST handling when transferring to/from page A, fix unbalanced stack in RST handling for RX winston 3922d 13h /trunk/rom/
312 correct yet more sloppy thinking winston 3930d 13h /trunk/rom/
311 make sure readdir can read to 0x1000-0x1FFF, and fix some regressions in read (oops) winston 3931d 14h /trunk/rom/
309 make accept() work for very short lived client connections that may already be in CLOSE_WAIT by the time they are seen winston 3932d 14h /trunk/rom/
307 make poll/pollall reliably report closed sockets winston 3937d 14h /trunk/rom/
306 Ensure broken connections are handled while waiting for data/waiting for buffers to empty winston 3941d 13h /trunk/rom/
304 tnfs_read to read up to bufsz, not just one block max winston 3945d 17h /trunk/rom/
303 make tnfs_write write the entire requested block or fail, and fix idiotic bug in write_blk winston 3945d 20h /trunk/rom/
302 TNFS read now copies directly to destination winston 3952d 18h /trunk/rom/
301 move 7ffd port detection to util page winston 3954d 14h /trunk/rom/
289 fix 'not found' bug in chdir winston 3978d 13h /trunk/rom/
288 Move interface configuration to a module winston 3978d 16h /trunk/rom/
286 fix stupid bug in simplepathcmd winston 3980d 21h /trunk/rom/
285 Add rename to base TNFS implementation winston 3980d 21h /trunk/rom/
282 waiting for keypress using interrupt timing turned out to be a bad idea winston 3986d 13h /trunk/rom/
279 Add GETCWD fs command winston 3989d 00h /trunk/rom/
275 Add extra defs for stat winston 4008d 16h /trunk/rom/
271 Make TNFS able to write/read data that's in 0x1000-0x1FFF winston 4022d 20h /trunk/rom/
270 New colour scheme for Spectranet screens winston 4025d 13h /trunk/rom/
268 ...and not forgetting to remove inetinit/dhcp from the ES rom page 2 winston 4027d 14h /trunk/rom/
267 Move interface initialization/dhcp client to page 3 to free up space in the page where the NMI user interface lives winston 4027d 14h /trunk/rom/
265 Detect 7FFD/machine type on NMI, and ensure the 'normal' screen is selected on 128K machines winston 4029d 21h /trunk/rom/
255 Initial snapshot saving winston 4043d 21h /trunk/rom/
251 Preserve A when freeing file descriptor winston 4051d 21h /trunk/rom/
246 TNFS close operations need to actually clear down the file descriptors winston 4057d 23h /trunk/rom/
244 Basic EOF handling for BASIC winston 4064d 22h /trunk/rom/
242 NMI now puts the stack in Spectranet fixed page 3 winston 4076d 15h /trunk/rom/
240 Plus 3 ROM detection winston 4089d 15h /trunk/rom/
238 Add %fs command to switch between mounted filesystems winston 4090d 16h /trunk/rom/
236 Manage TNFS sockets for >1 filesystem, fix umount winston 4095d 12h /trunk/rom/
234 Implement multiple TNFS filesystems winston 4096d 14h /trunk/rom/
230 Add filesystem tag parsing to VFS fs level functions winston 4105d 17h /trunk/rom/
229 Move some utility code out of the main ROM and into the utility ROM winston 4105d 19h /trunk/rom/
224 Numerous bug fixes winston 4151d 15h /trunk/rom/
222 Tape trapping winston 4181d 12h /trunk/rom/
220 Fix bug in F_tnfs_write winston 4190d 18h /trunk/rom/
219 Fix bug in UDP source address setup when addr is specified in address info block winston 4190d 20h /trunk/rom/
218 fix bugs in VFS and in the module loader winston 4190d 20h /trunk/rom/
217 TNFS file operations ROM ready winston 4191d 16h /trunk/rom/
216 Convert TNFS mount and dir functions to VFS ROM functions winston 4191d 18h /trunk/rom/
215 Migrate the tnfs core routines to ROM winston 4200d 12h /trunk/rom/
214 Fix some bugs in VFS dispatcher winston 4205d 15h /trunk/rom/
213 VFS - tested open/read/close winston 4208d 15h /trunk/rom/
212 Start on VFS file operations winston 4223d 13h /trunk/rom/
211 Ground work for VFS winston 4224d 12h /trunk/rom/
210 Make room in ROM0 for VFS dispatcher winston 4228d 13h /trunk/rom/
207 Basic saving of BASIC programs winston 4233d 12h /trunk/rom/
206 Load BASIC programs winston 4236d 14h /trunk/rom/
205 Start adding BASIC program loader support winston 4237d 13h /trunk/rom/
203 ALOAD command for TNFS winston 4244d 13h /trunk/rom/
201 TNFS datagram sequence numbers winston 4250d 13h /trunk/rom/
200 TNFS BASIC interpreter stuff winston 4288d 14h /trunk/rom/
195 Fix menu key out of range bug winston 4309d 21h /trunk/rom/
190 Add build version string to startup screen winston 4313d 12h /trunk/rom/
189 Remove 128K ROM paging from NMI routine winston 4313d 13h /trunk/rom/
186 Add missing keyscan routine to Spanish ROM (oops..) winston 4327d 13h /trunk/rom/
182 new devtools dir for cross development, some tnfs initial devleopment winston 4336d 12h /trunk/rom/
179 Quick and dirty addition of Matt Westcott's Open ZX ROM keyboard routines winston 4345d 16h /trunk/rom/
177 Make SRAM page usage a bit more sane, add allocation routines winston 4382d 12h /trunk/rom/
173 Add automatic ROM page selection when adding BASIC extension winston 4394d 17h /trunk/rom/
172 Fix initialization bug that stopped BASIC extensions initializing from ROM winston 4394d 23h /trunk/rom/
171 debug module call dispatcher winston 4396d 12h /trunk/rom/
170 Metalbrain's corrections to Spanish strings winston 4396d 13h /trunk/rom/
169 Add the rom module utility to the ROM image winston 4397d 12h /trunk/rom/
168 Spanish string table for ROM module utility winston 4398d 12h /trunk/rom/
167 Erase ROM module routine winston 4400d 16h /trunk/rom/
166 More work on the ROM programming utility winston 4401d 14h /trunk/rom/
165 More work on ROM module config util winston 4410d 13h /trunk/rom/
163 oops - add missing file winston 4410d 14h /trunk/rom/
162 zx_spectrum_plus3's correction to spanish translation winston 4418d 14h /trunk/rom/
161 add metalbrain's corrections to Spanish string table winston 4419d 15h /trunk/rom/
160 More Spanish translations winston 4420d 13h /trunk/rom/
158 Spanish translation for configuration screen winston 4421d 21h /trunk/rom/
157 Add a subset of UTF-8 support for putchar42 winston 4421d 23h /trunk/rom/
150 Add parse error exit point for BASIC extensions winston 4434d 13h /trunk/rom/
144 ...and add pageswap to buffer send, too winston 4457d 14h /trunk/rom/
143 Page A swapping on transmit/receive winston 4457d 14h /trunk/rom/
142 Save and restore page A during socket operations winston 4457d 15h /trunk/rom/
139 make a start on the utility library winston 4473d 13h /trunk/rom/
133 Start on BASIC extensions winston 4512d 15h /trunk/rom/
132 Start on BASIC extensions winston 4512d 15h /trunk/rom/
131 Move jump table into the data page winston 4513d 21h /trunk/rom/
130 Enable interrupts if one happens when we're paged in winston 4515d 15h /trunk/rom/
129 minor tweaks to NMI routine, add interpreter call vector winston 4520d 12h /trunk/rom/
128 Further trap handler code, plus example winston 4525d 21h /trunk/rom/
126 Add programmable trap functions winston 4526d 17h /trunk/rom/
118 NMI should page in BASIC ROM on 128K machines winston 4534d 19h /trunk/rom/
117 Add some more NMI menu options (RAM loader) winston 4534d 19h /trunk/rom/
116 weird problem with input routine + print42 lookup table winston 4540d 17h /trunk/rom/
115 revert unintentional mod to reset.asm winston 4543d 12h /trunk/rom/
114 add calls to get ip settings winston 4543d 12h /trunk/rom/
113 update configuration utility for new paging scheme winston 4544d 13h /trunk/rom/
112 fix some missed changes to pager winston 4544d 14h /trunk/rom/
110 Rationalize the memory pager winston 4545d 14h /trunk/rom/
109 Tweak DHCP delays, fix stack bug on timeout winston 4546d 13h /trunk/rom/
98 remove unnecessary F_setpageA calls winston 4559d 15h /trunk/rom/
97 Configuration via NMI winston 4561d 18h /trunk/rom/
95 More configuration winston 4561d 22h /trunk/rom/
94 Configuration interface winston 4562d 12h /trunk/rom/
93 Abstract out interface configuration winston 4566d 15h /trunk/rom/
90 Remove bug in accept()'s fill of struct sockaddr_in winston 4567d 12h /trunk/rom/
89 rom init functions, more bugfixes, sendto/recvfrom testing winston 4568d 15h /trunk/rom/
87 receive size bug squished winston 4569d 15h /trunk/rom/
86 partial fix for socket realloc bugs winston 4572d 13h /trunk/rom/
85 pollall implementation winston 4573d 16h /trunk/rom/
84 bug fixes and poll functionality winston 4574d 12h /trunk/rom/
83 add timeout/retry mechanism to dns routines winston 4584d 13h /trunk/rom/
82 More C library, more bug fixes winston 4585d 12h /trunk/rom/
81 more C socket library routines winston 4587d 13h /trunk/rom/
79 C library, and some bug fixes in the ROM winston 4590d 13h /trunk/rom/
78 More ROM stuff winston 4592d 13h /trunk/rom/
77 Make a start at tying up the rom routines winston 4594d 13h /trunk/rom/
76 DHCP client winston 4597d 15h /trunk/rom/
73 Configuration stuff winston 4608d 13h /trunk/rom/
72 more configuration code winston 4611d 17h /trunk/rom/
71 Routines to write flash and update configuration winston 4614d 14h /trunk/rom/
70 string input routine winston 4615d 13h /trunk/rom/
68 Initial UI code, basic input and output subroutines winston 4617d 16h /trunk/rom/
67 More DNS stuff winston 4618d 14h /trunk/rom/
51 Results of DNS routine tests winston 4645d 15h /trunk/rom/
50 Basic DNS resolver work in progress winston 4646d 12h /trunk/rom/
49 Basic DNS resolver work in progress winston 4646d 12h /trunk/rom/
48 get sendto working winston 4649d 14h /trunk/rom/
46 BASIC extension tinkering. UDP tinkering winston 4651d 12h /trunk/rom/
43 Add connect function winston 4658d 12h /trunk/rom/
42 Library testing and bugfixes winston 4659d 14h /trunk/rom/
41 Library bug fixes winston 4660d 11h /trunk/rom/
37 128k compatibility (ensure bit 15 of port address is set) winston 4662d 14h /trunk/rom/
27 poll/pollall functions, start adding initialization routines winston 4683d 16h /trunk/rom/
25 More ROM library code winston 4687d 18h /trunk/rom/
24 First few bits of the Spectranet ROM winston 4688d 14h /trunk/rom/
23 Add a simple transfer program and Perl upload utility winston 4692d 12h /trunk/rom/