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Rev Log message Author Age Path
570 Add guesser's mountpoint busy patch plus new message strings winston 2549d 23h /trunk/rom/
569 remove nop to ensure no instruction is fetched at tape trap addr winston 2550d 21h /trunk/rom/
540 Read of the trapreg now resets the JK flip flop winston 2982d 16h /trunk/rom/
508 Add guesser's sebasic patch winston 3105d 01h /trunk/rom/
498 add siggi's suggestion for flag reset winston 3191d 14h /trunk/rom/
497 Add siggi's fix to a potential hang in close, also remove redundant and problem-causing boot tape trap winston 3191d 14h /trunk/rom/
491 fix bad bug fix in the buffer code (oops) winston 3232d 14h /trunk/rom/
488 tx buffer checking MSB twice and not LSB (thanks Siggi) winston 3238d 15h /trunk/rom/
486 Fix very very old bug: hardware socket memory address set far too high winston 3249d 16h /trunk/rom/
484 Backwards compatibility for new tnfs open winston 3258d 19h /trunk/rom/
483 guesser's changes for vfs and z88dk Makefiles winston 3258d 23h /trunk/rom/
443 Fix umount bug winston 3327d 16h /trunk/rom/
442 New and prevent file overwrite on copy winston 3329d 04h /trunk/rom/
439 oops, broke close() winston 3340d 19h /trunk/rom/
438 Current fs wasn't being set according to the file descriptor in use winston 3340d 19h /trunk/rom/
435 Make NMI menu snapshot item correct winston 3343d 20h /trunk/rom/
432 Alistair Cree's vfs.asm fix winston 3432d 17h /trunk/rom/
431 apply Philip Kendall's dependency fix winston 3432d 17h /trunk/rom/
430 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version, better idea, use BC winston 3470d 17h /trunk/rom/
429 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version winston 3470d 17h /trunk/rom/

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