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Rev Log message Author Age Path
568 Make CR/LF handling a bit more sane winston 2582d 05h /trunk/modules/streams/
554 Use S_IROTH when opening for writing winston 2871d 04h /trunk/modules/streams/
553 ...and include winston 2871d 04h /trunk/modules/streams/
552 sane filemode when writing winston 2871d 04h /trunk/modules/streams/
551 Add guesser's bugfix for streams winston 2871d 04h /trunk/modules/streams/
407 Restore IX stuff now binutils is fixed winston 3637d 23h /trunk/modules/streams/
399 Merge gnubinutils branch r372:398 into trunk winston 3655d 09h /trunk/modules/streams/
348 fix ex instruction (oops) winston 3708d 00h /trunk/modules/streams/
346 more build scripts winston 3708d 00h /trunk/modules/streams/
336 checkin missed files (oops) winston 3800d 10h /trunk/modules/streams/
317 Fix some hangs in close winston 3923d 22h /trunk/modules/streams/
315 %reclaim must reset all the pointers winston 3927d 08h /trunk/modules/streams/
313 need to preserve IX when doing an fs read winston 3933d 00h /trunk/modules/streams/
310 Fix regression in reading directories winston 3934d 07h /trunk/modules/streams/
308 make each stream use its own rx buffer winston 3936d 01h /trunk/modules/streams/
252 Make filehandles get closed correctly winston 4054d 07h /trunk/modules/streams/
249 Add function to reclaim memory allocated for stream stub functions winston 4059d 02h /trunk/modules/streams/
247 EOF handling now works rather better winston 4060d 05h /trunk/modules/streams/
245 Better management of ZX memory winston 4060d 10h /trunk/modules/streams/
244 Basic EOF handling for BASIC winston 4067d 08h /trunk/modules/streams/

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