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Rev Log message Author Age Path
567 guesser's patch to fix certain snapshot loading issues winston 2589d 01h /trunk/modules/snapman/
554 Use S_IROTH when opening for writing winston 2877d 04h /trunk/modules/snapman/
485 update snapshot with new OPEN syscall winston 3293d 23h /trunk/modules/snapman/
399 Merge gnubinutils branch r372:398 into trunk winston 3661d 09h /trunk/modules/snapman/
346 more build scripts winston 3714d 01h /trunk/modules/snapman/
305 Take advantage of READ/WRITE's new behaviour winston 3954d 04h /trunk/modules/snapman/
287 Add rename/erase to the snap manager winston 3989d 05h /trunk/modules/snapman/
284 finish move of snapshot stuff from BASIC ROM to snapshot manager winston 3989d 09h /trunk/modules/snapman/
283 don't enable interrupts in the snapshot manager (causes problems with some games) winston 3995d 00h /trunk/modules/snapman/
281 fix null selection bug winston 3995d 06h /trunk/modules/snapman/
280 First pass at turning the snapshot manager into a module, move snapshot functions from basext to snapman winston 3996d 03h /trunk/modules/snapman/
278 More snapman UI winston 3999d 23h /trunk/modules/snapman/
277 more UI bits for the snap manager winston 4004d 03h /trunk/modules/snapman/
276 List snap files winston 4017d 01h /trunk/modules/snapman/
274 Selection box for snapshot manager winston 4019d 23h /trunk/modules/snapman/
273 make a start on the UI for snapshot management winston 4023d 22h /trunk/modules/snapman/