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570 Add guesser's mountpoint busy patch plus new message strings winston 2540d 13h /trunk/modules/
568 Make CR/LF handling a bit more sane winston 2541d 10h /trunk/modules/
567 guesser's patch to fix certain snapshot loading issues winston 2542d 05h /trunk/modules/
555 Fix tape trap return so that interrupts aren't always enabled winston 2785d 05h /trunk/modules/
554 Use S_IROTH when opening for writing winston 2830d 09h /trunk/modules/
553 ...and include winston 2830d 09h /trunk/modules/
552 sane filemode when writing winston 2830d 09h /trunk/modules/
551 Add guesser's bugfix for streams winston 2830d 09h /trunk/modules/
536 Add simple bootloader for allram machines winston 2990d 05h /trunk/modules/
508 Add guesser's sebasic patch winston 3095d 14h /trunk/modules/
497 Add siggi's fix to a potential hang in close, also remove redundant and problem-causing boot tape trap winston 3182d 03h /trunk/modules/
492 guesser's patch for copy et al. winston 3199d 03h /trunk/modules/
485 update snapshot with new OPEN syscall winston 3247d 03h /trunk/modules/
483 guesser's changes for vfs and z88dk Makefiles winston 3249d 12h /trunk/modules/
444 add path check to move command winston 3315d 05h /trunk/modules/
442 New and prevent file overwrite on copy winston 3319d 17h /trunk/modules/
441 remove bugs in path concatenation winston 3323d 04h /trunk/modules/
440 copy destination smartness, detect directory as destination winston 3323d 05h /trunk/modules/
437 ...making sure to actually add copy.asm winston 3332d 05h /trunk/modules/
436 make a start on the cp command winston 3332d 05h /trunk/modules/

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