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Rev Log message Author Age Path
413 Fix reset branch merge r405:r412 winston 3623d 23h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
75 Correct TRAPENABLE jumper winston 4606d 00h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
64 add pull-ups to JTAG inputs, as recommended by xilinx winston 4628d 13h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
61 More layout winston 4635d 13h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
55 preparations for PCB layout winston 4643d 10h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
54 add footprint attributes to schematic symbols winston 4643d 13h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
52 +3 ROMCS details winston 4646d 11h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
41 Library bug fixes winston 4662d 10h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
39 Reflect open drain active low for HLD_ROMCS winston 4664d 12h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
35 Add ROMCS circuit, RESET circuit, extra symbols winston 4665d 11h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
34 More schematic work winston 4666d 13h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
33 More schematic work winston 4667d 11h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch
32 CPLD symbol; Spectranet schematic winston 4667d 13h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.sch