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Rev Log message Author Age Path
434 Fix stat bug in directory listing winston 3372d 06h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
416 add assembly image for cluttered area near the W5100 winston 3610d 07h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
413 Fix reset branch merge r405:r412 winston 3621d 12h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
326 modify pastemask so that the edge connector and the big ground pad for the voltage regulator is not on the paste stencil winston 3837d 13h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
325 Add one last screw hole winston 3841d 03h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
324 Add screw holes and slot into outline winston 3841d 04h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
75 Correct TRAPENABLE jumper winston 4603d 13h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
69 PCB that went to the fab winston 4616d 12h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
66 Fix minor alignment problems around W5100, and some trace cleanup winston 4623d 03h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
65 fix errors found during verification winston 4625d 01h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
64 add pull-ups to JTAG inputs, as recommended by xilinx winston 4626d 02h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
63 fix a few errors, design rule violations, add helpful silk screening winston 4630d 04h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
62 Even more layout winston 4631d 00h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
61 More layout winston 4633d 02h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
60 More layout work winston 4638d 02h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb
59 Production prototype PCB initial work winston 4639d 01h /trunk/hardware/spectranet.pcb