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Rev Log message Author Age Path
324 Add screw holes and slot into outline winston 3890d 23h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
264 Remove A17, add 0x7FFD bit 3 monitor winston 4079d 08h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
260 Add border colour monitoring to the CPLD winston 4088d 21h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
254 Reinstate the IO pagein winston 4093d 06h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
253 Remove swathes of stuff from the CPLD and make NMI not bounce on the issue 4 winston 4093d 22h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
241 Add lockout to programmable trap when our ROM is paged in winston 4125d 23h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
208 Map clock signal to GCK global routing net like it should have been... winston 4279d 23h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
127 Clean up reset trap logic, add full IO port decode winston 4575d 09h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
125 Add programmable trap enable state output to D3 winston 4576d 02h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
124 Add programmable trap, remove 0x0038 trap winston 4576d 23h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
110 Rationalize the memory pager winston 4594d 21h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
96 Add RETN decoder to CPLD to detect end of NMI routine winston 4611d 01h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
58 fix address line pins for CPLD winston 4689d 06h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
53 Assign CPLD pins, add last bits of functionality winston 4692d 19h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
47 Add interrupt/NMI circuits winston 4698d 22h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
38 Add status read, convert HLDROMCS to active low open drain winston 4711d 20h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
19 sideways memory page test, fix reverse sense on paging areas winston 4749d 18h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
17 new additions to the testbench, cpld bugfixes winston 4758d 23h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/
16 Add ISE project for CPLD winston 4759d 20h /trunk/hardware/XC9572-XL/