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Rev Log message Author Age Path
19 sideways memory page test, fix reverse sense on paging areas winston 4699d 13h /trunk/hardware/
17 new additions to the testbench, cpld bugfixes winston 4708d 17h /trunk/hardware/
16 Add ISE project for CPLD winston 4709d 14h /trunk/hardware/
15 add XC9536 prototyping tools, improve timing diagram, add A15 jumper on edge conn breakout board, add missing track winston 4721d 22h /trunk/hardware/
14 XC9572 breakout board winston 4722d 20h /trunk/hardware/
9 Edge connector breakout board winston 4732d 15h /trunk/hardware/
8 fix another missing gnd link winston 4767d 01h /trunk/hardware/
7 fix missing gnd link, xtal gndplane cutout, ground out unused SPI pins winston 4767d 01h /trunk/hardware/
6 make bottom right pad less likely to bridge on toner xfer winston 4772d 19h /trunk/hardware/
5 groundplane fiddling winston 4776d 19h /trunk/hardware/
4 Groundplane for breakout board winston 4777d 22h /trunk/hardware/
3 Breakout board pin headeer winston 4777d 23h /trunk/hardware/
2 Add LQFP80_10 winston 4778d 14h /trunk/hardware/
1 W5100 breakout + Mag45 winston 4779d 14h /trunk/hardware/

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