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58 fix address line pins for CPLD winston 4639d 23h /trunk/hardware/
57 fix Mag45 pinout/drill sizes winston 4640d 00h /trunk/hardware/
56 Make edge connector pads shorter, add through port with standard depth conductors winston 4640d 12h /trunk/hardware/
55 preparations for PCB layout winston 4641d 11h /trunk/hardware/
54 add footprint attributes to schematic symbols winston 4641d 14h /trunk/hardware/
53 Assign CPLD pins, add last bits of functionality winston 4643d 12h /trunk/hardware/
52 +3 ROMCS details winston 4644d 12h /trunk/hardware/
47 Add interrupt/NMI circuits winston 4649d 15h /trunk/hardware/
44 fix pin numbering for LQFP package winston 4657d 13h /trunk/hardware/
41 Library bug fixes winston 4660d 11h /trunk/hardware/
39 Reflect open drain active low for HLD_ROMCS winston 4662d 13h /trunk/hardware/
38 Add status read, convert HLDROMCS to active low open drain winston 4662d 13h /trunk/hardware/
35 Add ROMCS circuit, RESET circuit, extra symbols winston 4663d 12h /trunk/hardware/
34 More schematic work winston 4664d 13h /trunk/hardware/
33 More schematic work winston 4665d 12h /trunk/hardware/
32 CPLD symbol; Spectranet schematic winston 4665d 13h /trunk/hardware/
31 PCB symbol experiments winston 4672d 19h /trunk/hardware/
30 Pin numbers for memory winston 4673d 08h /trunk/hardware/
29 More gschem symbol work winston 4674d 18h /trunk/hardware/
28 Create some gschem symbols for our parts winston 4679d 20h /trunk/hardware/

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