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241 Add lockout to programmable trap when our ROM is paged in winston 4075d 18h /trunk/hardware/
208 Map clock signal to GCK global routing net like it should have been... winston 4229d 18h /trunk/hardware/
181 Add through port no-connects to prototype install document winston 4342d 20h /trunk/hardware/
180 Notes for lucky recipients of the prototype winston 4344d 16h /trunk/hardware/
137 memory map diagram winston 4472d 17h /trunk/hardware/
127 Clean up reset trap logic, add full IO port decode winston 4525d 04h /trunk/hardware/
125 Add programmable trap enable state output to D3 winston 4525d 21h /trunk/hardware/
124 Add programmable trap, remove 0x0038 trap winston 4526d 18h /trunk/hardware/
110 Rationalize the memory pager winston 4544d 15h /trunk/hardware/
96 Add RETN decoder to CPLD to detect end of NMI routine winston 4560d 19h /trunk/hardware/
75 Correct TRAPENABLE jumper winston 4603d 02h /trunk/hardware/
69 PCB that went to the fab winston 4616d 02h /trunk/hardware/
66 Fix minor alignment problems around W5100, and some trace cleanup winston 4622d 16h /trunk/hardware/
65 fix errors found during verification winston 4624d 14h /trunk/hardware/
64 add pull-ups to JTAG inputs, as recommended by xilinx winston 4625d 16h /trunk/hardware/
63 fix a few errors, design rule violations, add helpful silk screening winston 4629d 17h /trunk/hardware/
62 Even more layout winston 4630d 13h /trunk/hardware/
61 More layout winston 4632d 16h /trunk/hardware/
60 More layout work winston 4637d 15h /trunk/hardware/
59 Production prototype PCB initial work winston 4638d 14h /trunk/hardware/

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