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Rev Log message Author Age Path
434 Fix stat bug in directory listing winston 3422d 16h /trunk/hardware/
425 Trap disable jumper should disable all traps winston 3575d 17h /trunk/hardware/
416 add assembly image for cluttered area near the W5100 winston 3660d 16h /trunk/hardware/
415 CPLD version detection winston 3671d 20h /trunk/hardware/
413 Fix reset branch merge r405:r412 winston 3671d 22h /trunk/hardware/
412 prepare for branch merge winston 3671d 22h /trunk/hardware/
337 Only assert ROMCS during memory reads/writes winston 3847d 18h /trunk/hardware/
335 Get rid of CALL trap, replace with execution trap winston 3847d 21h /trunk/hardware/
329 oops, that should have been port 0xNN3B winston 3855d 10h /trunk/hardware/
327 change port assignments to ZXI - 0x00FB to 0x03FB winston 3855d 14h /trunk/hardware/
326 modify pastemask so that the edge connector and the big ground pad for the voltage regulator is not on the paste stencil winston 3887d 22h /trunk/hardware/
325 Add one last screw hole winston 3891d 13h /trunk/hardware/
324 Add screw holes and slot into outline winston 3891d 14h /trunk/hardware/
264 Remove A17, add 0x7FFD bit 3 monitor winston 4079d 23h /trunk/hardware/
260 Add border colour monitoring to the CPLD winston 4089d 12h /trunk/hardware/
254 Reinstate the IO pagein winston 4093d 21h /trunk/hardware/
253 Remove swathes of stuff from the CPLD and make NMI not bounce on the issue 4 winston 4094d 13h /trunk/hardware/
241 Add lockout to programmable trap when our ROM is paged in winston 4126d 14h /trunk/hardware/
208 Map clock signal to GCK global routing net like it should have been... winston 4280d 14h /trunk/hardware/
181 Add through port no-connects to prototype install document winston 4393d 16h /trunk/hardware/

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