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68 Initial UI code, basic input and output subroutines winston 4626d 02h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
51 Results of DNS routine tests winston 4654d 01h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
48 get sendto working winston 4658d 00h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
46 BASIC extension tinkering. UDP tinkering winston 4659d 22h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
45 Call BASIC ROM experiment winston 4663d 22h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
37 128k compatibility (ensure bit 15 of port address is set) winston 4671d 00h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
23 Add a simple transfer program and Perl upload utility winston 4700d 22h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
22 transmit winston 4703d 03h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
21 Test simple tcp socket RX winston 4704d 01h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
20 Experimental ethernet config winston 4705d 23h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
19 sideways memory page test, fix reverse sense on paging areas winston 4708d 22h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
18 Modify code for XC9572-xl with fixed RAM workspace available winston 4710d 02h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
13 Fix buffer overflow in F_clear, remove 3C00 jump table, other tweaks winston 4734d 23h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
11 Experimenting with the CALL trapper winston 4735d 22h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm
10 add some experimental code to exercise the trapper winston 4738d 00h /trunk/experiments/testtraps.asm