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516 Add gameover panel winston 3069d 19h /trunk/examples/
515 Add gameover panel winston 3069d 20h /trunk/examples/
514 Add gameover panel winston 3069d 20h /trunk/examples/
513 Add player score winston 3131d 21h /trunk/examples/
512 Move team flag scores down to make room for player score winston 3131d 22h /trunk/examples/
511 Add endgame score function winston 3132d 00h /trunk/examples/
510 Add endgame score function winston 3132d 00h /trunk/examples/
509 new CTFgame example map winston 3132d 04h /trunk/examples/
507 Transition from matchmaking to the game winston 3184d 18h /trunk/examples/
506 Add game startable/not startable message winston 3191d 19h /trunk/examples/
505 Set the ready flag winston 3195d 19h /trunk/examples/
504 Team switching, fix message buffer buf winston 3198d 19h /trunk/examples/
503 More matchmaking winston 3199d 19h /trunk/examples/
502 Some basic matchmaking communications winston 3204d 19h /trunk/examples/
501 some work on the match maker winston 3206d 19h /trunk/examples/
500 Newer versions of z88dk do away with some of the colour defines, use INK values to replace them winston 3208d 22h /trunk/examples/
482 make header files be dependencies winston 3303d 22h /trunk/examples/
481 more matchmaking stuff, game loop clock compensation winston 3303d 22h /trunk/examples/
480 add ping timeouts, fix some of the indentation winston 3305d 04h /trunk/examples/
479 ...not forgetting mmsocket.c winston 3310d 19h /trunk/examples/

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