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537 More tinkering with lives winston 3021d 13h /trunk/examples/
535 add boot.zx file winston 3036d 02h /trunk/examples/
534 start adding some more options winston 3042d 21h /trunk/examples/
533 More translations (server) winston 3050d 14h /trunk/examples/
532 More translations winston 3050d 14h /trunk/examples/
531 Add files that were forgotten winston 3053d 14h /trunk/examples/
530 Handle utf8 characters a bit better in the status line winston 3054d 12h /trunk/examples/
529 Add fadeout effect in matchmaking screens winston 3054d 13h /trunk/examples/
528 Client UI additions winston 3056d 15h /trunk/examples/
527 Build updates winston 3057d 14h /trunk/examples/
526 General improvements to the game client and matchmaker winston 3057d 14h /trunk/examples/
525 Add scoreboard saving winston 3057d 23h /trunk/examples/
524 Direct all error output to scoreboard message area, use va_args list too winston 3063d 17h /trunk/examples/
523 Add curses-based scoreboard for the server winston 3064d 17h /trunk/examples/
522 allow a CTF server to be specified in a file winston 3067d 00h /trunk/examples/
521 add some code so the client can load a defaults file winston 3067d 13h /trunk/examples/
520 More game-ending stuff winston 3067d 14h /trunk/examples/
519 more endgame stuff winston 3067d 15h /trunk/examples/
518 Game-ending stuff winston 3070d 16h /trunk/examples/
517 some translations for messages winston 3070d 17h /trunk/examples/

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