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566 Make sure powerup spawns get properly reset winston 2578d 20h /trunk/examples/
565 fix rotation matrix winston 2607d 21h /trunk/examples/
564 More spectator stuff winston 2607d 21h /trunk/examples/
563 Start on the scoreboard winston 2614d 20h /trunk/examples/
562 Basic status msgs winston 2618d 18h /trunk/examples/
561 Player labels and preserve spectators on game reset winston 2620d 21h /trunk/examples/
560 More spectator stuff winston 2621d 20h /trunk/examples/
559 Start on SDL spectator client winston 2635d 21h /trunk/examples/
558 Remove z88dk console driver workarounds winston 2703d 21h /trunk/examples/
557 More twittering with a proxy winston 2711d 09h /trunk/examples/
551 Add guesser's bugfix for streams winston 2867d 00h /trunk/examples/
550 Add score draw message winston 2941d 20h /trunk/examples/
549 Add time limit to server winston 2941d 20h /trunk/examples/
548 Drop serverkills winston 2941d 22h /trunk/examples/
547 Disable serverkills, just discard block with unrecognised messages winston 2941d 22h /trunk/examples/
545 Improve deadlist behaviour winston 3006d 21h /trunk/examples/
544 Allow spawn points to have a direction option winston 3006d 22h /trunk/examples/
543 Yet more scoreboard fixes winston 3007d 00h /trunk/examples/
542 More scorekeeping winston 3007d 02h /trunk/examples/
541 Add lives limit option winston 3007d 04h /trunk/examples/
537 More tinkering with lives winston 3019d 19h /trunk/examples/
535 add boot.zx file winston 3034d 08h /trunk/examples/
534 start adding some more options winston 3041d 03h /trunk/examples/
533 More translations (server) winston 3048d 20h /trunk/examples/
532 More translations winston 3048d 20h /trunk/examples/
531 Add files that were forgotten winston 3051d 20h /trunk/examples/
530 Handle utf8 characters a bit better in the status line winston 3052d 18h /trunk/examples/
529 Add fadeout effect in matchmaking screens winston 3052d 19h /trunk/examples/
528 Client UI additions winston 3054d 21h /trunk/examples/
527 Build updates winston 3055d 20h /trunk/examples/
526 General improvements to the game client and matchmaker winston 3055d 20h /trunk/examples/
525 Add scoreboard saving winston 3056d 05h /trunk/examples/
524 Direct all error output to scoreboard message area, use va_args list too winston 3061d 23h /trunk/examples/
523 Add curses-based scoreboard for the server winston 3062d 23h /trunk/examples/
522 allow a CTF server to be specified in a file winston 3065d 06h /trunk/examples/
521 add some code so the client can load a defaults file winston 3065d 19h /trunk/examples/
520 More game-ending stuff winston 3065d 20h /trunk/examples/
519 more endgame stuff winston 3065d 21h /trunk/examples/
518 Game-ending stuff winston 3068d 22h /trunk/examples/
517 some translations for messages winston 3068d 23h /trunk/examples/
516 Add gameover panel winston 3069d 19h /trunk/examples/
515 Add gameover panel winston 3069d 20h /trunk/examples/
514 Add gameover panel winston 3069d 20h /trunk/examples/
513 Add player score winston 3131d 21h /trunk/examples/
512 Move team flag scores down to make room for player score winston 3131d 22h /trunk/examples/
511 Add endgame score function winston 3132d 00h /trunk/examples/
510 Add endgame score function winston 3132d 00h /trunk/examples/
509 new CTFgame example map winston 3132d 04h /trunk/examples/
507 Transition from matchmaking to the game winston 3184d 18h /trunk/examples/
506 Add game startable/not startable message winston 3191d 19h /trunk/examples/
505 Set the ready flag winston 3195d 19h /trunk/examples/
504 Team switching, fix message buffer buf winston 3198d 19h /trunk/examples/
503 More matchmaking winston 3199d 19h /trunk/examples/
502 Some basic matchmaking communications winston 3204d 19h /trunk/examples/
501 some work on the match maker winston 3206d 19h /trunk/examples/
500 Newer versions of z88dk do away with some of the colour defines, use INK values to replace them winston 3208d 22h /trunk/examples/
482 make header files be dependencies winston 3303d 22h /trunk/examples/
481 more matchmaking stuff, game loop clock compensation winston 3303d 22h /trunk/examples/
480 add ping timeouts, fix some of the indentation winston 3305d 04h /trunk/examples/
479 ...not forgetting mmsocket.c winston 3310d 19h /trunk/examples/
478 Modify some of the twitter stuff for the matchmaker winston 3310d 19h /trunk/examples/
477 Make collisions with the map more forgiving winston 3311d 19h /trunk/examples/
476 Fix sub-pixel movement winston 3311d 20h /trunk/examples/
475 Make the flag indicator winston 3311d 20h /trunk/examples/
474 More scoreboard stuff winston 3312d 18h /trunk/examples/
473 Reorder some of the messages and add a client-to-server message so the server knows when the client's message loop is running winston 3312d 20h /trunk/examples/
472 Make a start on the scoreboard updates winston 3313d 20h /trunk/examples/
471 Start on messages and status winston 3313d 21h /trunk/examples/
470 Detect flag being captured winston 3314d 20h /trunk/examples/
469 oops, forgot to add powerups.c winston 3314d 20h /trunk/examples/
468 Add colours, change background to black (too much attr clash) winston 3314d 20h /trunk/examples/
467 Implement powerups winston 3314d 22h /trunk/examples/
466 Add flags winston 3315d 03h /trunk/examples/
465 Use both bytes for tile count winston 3315d 05h /trunk/examples/
464 check a sprite is not null before removing it winston 3316d 19h /trunk/examples/
463 Add guesser's win32 stuff, add flag sprite winston 3316d 20h /trunk/examples/
462 Fix remote spawnpoint bug and add graphical spawn indicators winston 3317d 20h /trunk/examples/
461 Basic spawn points winston 3317d 21h /trunk/examples/
460 More work on collisions winston 3318d 20h /trunk/examples/
459 some more tweaks winston 3319d 21h /trunk/examples/
458 some small tweaks winston 3319d 21h /trunk/examples/
457 Make things be able to crash into the map and get killed winston 3325d 19h /trunk/examples/
456 Add some more sprite goodness winston 3327d 21h /trunk/examples/
455 Basic firing for photon cannon winston 3328d 04h /trunk/examples/
454 Rudimentary map collision winston 3328d 19h /trunk/examples/
453 Map loader winston 3329d 00h /trunk/examples/
452 More on viewports plus rudimentary collision detection winston 3331d 19h /trunk/examples/
451 Work on viewports winston 3332d 20h /trunk/examples/
450 more CTF goodness winston 3333d 18h /trunk/examples/
449 More CTF winston 3334d 23h /trunk/examples/
448 More capture the flag winston 3335d 19h /trunk/examples/
447 More ctf game stuff winston 3337d 22h /trunk/examples/
446 More ctf game stuff winston 3337d 22h /trunk/examples/
445 Start on capture-the-flag example game winston 3340d 19h /trunk/examples/
359 Add a README for the client so people know to CLEAR 27999 first winston 3690d 20h /trunk/examples/
358 Use Android basic auth 'back door' for twitter client winston 3690d 21h /trunk/examples/
354 add missing files winston 3699d 08h /trunk/examples/
353 add missing file winston 3699d 08h /trunk/examples/
344 Simple netcode for A Silly Tank Game winston 3730d 19h /trunk/examples/
343 Add ASTG winston 3731d 22h /trunk/examples/
333 really add twitter example winston 3802d 19h /trunk/examples/
332 Add libhttp and twitter example winston 3802d 19h /trunk/examples/
259 Don't DI in ISR winston 4037d 21h /trunk/examples/
221 Filesystem basic extension work so far... winston 4189d 00h /trunk/examples/
213 VFS - tested open/read/close winston 4206d 21h /trunk/examples/
212 Start on VFS file operations winston 4221d 19h /trunk/examples/
211 Ground work for VFS winston 4222d 18h /trunk/examples/
200 TNFS BASIC interpreter stuff winston 4286d 20h /trunk/examples/
196 More missing files winston 4308d 01h /trunk/examples/
176 fix obvious bug winston 4385d 00h /trunk/examples/
175 Add video example winston 4385d 00h /trunk/examples/
174 ROM module example winston 4392d 22h /trunk/examples/
151 add BASIC extension examples winston 4431d 19h /trunk/examples/
145 Add password prompt on join, so we can join WOS IRC winston 4454d 22h /trunk/examples/
136 add asm UDP client example winston 4480d 21h /trunk/examples/
135 C example of socket multiplexing winston 4481d 19h /trunk/examples/
134 UDP tutorial examples in C winston 4482d 21h /trunk/examples/
128 Further trap handler code, plus example winston 4524d 03h /trunk/examples/
123 add C client example and the README file for tutorial 3 winston 4527d 21h /trunk/examples/
122 Add asm simple client example winston 4529d 19h /trunk/examples/
121 Add C example for the simple server tutorial winston 4531d 21h /trunk/examples/
120 assembler simple server example winston 4532d 05h /trunk/examples/
108 add circular kb buffer to zxirc winston 4544d 20h /trunk/examples/
107 handle /me, /msg winston 4547d 18h /trunk/examples/
106 use strlcpy/strlcat for safe string operations winston 4548d 19h /trunk/examples/
105 irc - scroll attributes, simple CTCP handler winston 4549d 20h /trunk/examples/
104 irc can now join a channel winston 4550d 18h /trunk/examples/
103 more fiddling with irc winston 4551d 18h /trunk/examples/
102 More on the irc example winston 4553d 00h /trunk/examples/
101 Start on example irc client winston 4553d 23h /trunk/examples/
100 Start on example irc client winston 4553d 23h /trunk/examples/
99 Add simple transfer server example winston 4556d 19h /trunk/examples/
89 rom init functions, more bugfixes, sendto/recvfrom testing winston 4566d 21h /trunk/examples/