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430 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version, better idea, use BC winston 3499d 23h /trunk/
429 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version winston 3499d 23h /trunk/
428 Silence the AY on NMI winston 3499d 23h /trunk/
427 Make sure all 128K machines start in USR 0 mode winston 3512d 03h /trunk/
426 auto setup for new Spectranets winston 3522d 23h /trunk/
425 Trap disable jumper should disable all traps winston 3526d 04h /trunk/
424 fix bug in bin2tape where start wasn't being set winston 3529d 22h /trunk/
423 add simple initial configuration server winston 3529d 23h /trunk/
422 Make TAP output as well as TZX winston 3534d 06h /trunk/
421 it would help if the MAC address was getting set properly after all winston 3554d 07h /trunk/
420 Oops. MAC address and hw registers not being set properly since reset fix winston 3554d 08h /trunk/
419 don't leak directory handles if user answers no to 'scroll?' message winston 3571d 21h /trunk/
418 Add chroot/drop privs to Unix builds winston 3596d 07h /trunk/
417 add missing updates for tnfs_directory winston 3596d 08h /trunk/
416 add assembly image for cluttered area near the W5100 winston 3611d 03h /trunk/
415 CPLD version detection winston 3622d 07h /trunk/
414 CPLD version detection winston 3622d 07h /trunk/
413 Fix reset branch merge r405:r412 winston 3622d 09h /trunk/
412 prepare for branch merge winston 3622d 09h /trunk/
411 Add an unset filesystem option winston 3623d 01h /trunk/

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