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490 add libdetect (thanks guesser) winston 3265d 21h /trunk/
489 add libdetect (thanks guesser) winston 3265d 21h /trunk/
488 tx buffer checking MSB twice and not LSB (thanks Siggi) winston 3267d 21h /trunk/
487 add guesser's installer patch winston 3267d 22h /trunk/
486 Fix very very old bug: hardware socket memory address set far too high winston 3278d 21h /trunk/
485 update snapshot with new OPEN syscall winston 3285d 20h /trunk/
484 Backwards compatibility for new tnfs open winston 3288d 00h /trunk/
483 guesser's changes for vfs and z88dk Makefiles winston 3288d 05h /trunk/
482 make header files be dependencies winston 3306d 00h /trunk/
481 more matchmaking stuff, game loop clock compensation winston 3306d 00h /trunk/
480 add ping timeouts, fix some of the indentation winston 3307d 06h /trunk/
479 ...not forgetting mmsocket.c winston 3312d 21h /trunk/
478 Modify some of the twitter stuff for the matchmaker winston 3312d 21h /trunk/
477 Make collisions with the map more forgiving winston 3313d 21h /trunk/
476 Fix sub-pixel movement winston 3313d 22h /trunk/
475 Make the flag indicator winston 3313d 22h /trunk/
474 More scoreboard stuff winston 3314d 20h /trunk/
473 Reorder some of the messages and add a client-to-server message so the server knows when the client's message loop is running winston 3314d 22h /trunk/
472 Make a start on the scoreboard updates winston 3315d 22h /trunk/
471 Start on messages and status winston 3315d 23h /trunk/

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