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38 Add status read, convert HLDROMCS to active low open drain winston 4662d 22h /trunk/
37 128k compatibility (ensure bit 15 of port address is set) winston 4662d 23h /trunk/
36 add missing flashwrite.asm winston 4663d 00h /trunk/
35 Add ROMCS circuit, RESET circuit, extra symbols winston 4663d 21h /trunk/
34 More schematic work winston 4664d 23h /trunk/
33 More schematic work winston 4665d 21h /trunk/
32 CPLD symbol; Spectranet schematic winston 4665d 23h /trunk/
31 PCB symbol experiments winston 4673d 04h /trunk/
30 Pin numbers for memory winston 4673d 17h /trunk/
29 More gschem symbol work winston 4675d 04h /trunk/
28 Create some gschem symbols for our parts winston 4680d 05h /trunk/
27 poll/pollall functions, start adding initialization routines winston 4684d 01h /trunk/
26 Complete network flash programmer winston 4688d 02h /trunk/
25 More ROM library code winston 4688d 03h /trunk/
24 First few bits of the Spectranet ROM winston 4688d 23h /trunk/
23 Add a simple transfer program and Perl upload utility winston 4692d 21h /trunk/
22 transmit winston 4695d 02h /trunk/
21 Test simple tcp socket RX winston 4696d 00h /trunk/
20 Experimental ethernet config winston 4697d 22h /trunk/
19 sideways memory page test, fix reverse sense on paging areas winston 4700d 21h /trunk/

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