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118 NMI should page in BASIC ROM on 128K machines winston 4535d 03h /trunk/
117 Add some more NMI menu options (RAM loader) winston 4535d 04h /trunk/
116 weird problem with input routine + print42 lookup table winston 4541d 02h /trunk/
115 revert unintentional mod to reset.asm winston 4543d 20h /trunk/
114 add calls to get ip settings winston 4543d 21h /trunk/
113 update configuration utility for new paging scheme winston 4544d 22h /trunk/
112 fix some missed changes to pager winston 4544d 23h /trunk/
111 Fix boot paging bug, modify flash writer for new pager winston 4545d 22h /trunk/
110 Rationalize the memory pager winston 4545d 23h /trunk/
109 Tweak DHCP delays, fix stack bug on timeout winston 4546d 22h /trunk/
108 add circular kb buffer to zxirc winston 4546d 23h /trunk/
107 handle /me, /msg winston 4549d 21h /trunk/
106 use strlcpy/strlcat for safe string operations winston 4550d 22h /trunk/
105 irc - scroll attributes, simple CTCP handler winston 4551d 23h /trunk/
104 irc can now join a channel winston 4552d 21h /trunk/
103 more fiddling with irc winston 4553d 21h /trunk/
102 More on the irc example winston 4555d 02h /trunk/
101 Start on example irc client winston 4556d 02h /trunk/
100 Start on example irc client winston 4556d 02h /trunk/
99 Add simple transfer server example winston 4558d 22h /trunk/

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