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158 Spanish translation for configuration screen winston 4422d 05h /trunk/
157 Add a subset of UTF-8 support for putchar42 winston 4422d 07h /trunk/
156 Fix buffer length truncation for strings winston 4424d 21h /trunk/
155 fix bugs in ZX BASIC to C string functions winston 4424d 21h /trunk/
154 string fetch routines for BASIC extensions winston 4425d 21h /trunk/
153 string fetch routines for BASIC extensions winston 4425d 21h /trunk/
152 BASIC extension C functions winston 4432d 21h /trunk/
151 add BASIC extension examples winston 4433d 21h /trunk/
150 Add parse error exit point for BASIC extensions winston 4434d 21h /trunk/
149 BASIC extensions for C winston 4448d 21h /trunk/
148 paged/nonpaged build process for libspectranet winston 4452d 20h /trunk/
147 add a non-paged library test winston 4453d 21h /trunk/
146 build process to generate both paged and nonpaged libraries winston 4453d 21h /trunk/
145 Add password prompt on join, so we can join WOS IRC winston 4457d 00h /trunk/
144 ...and add pageswap to buffer send, too winston 4457d 22h /trunk/
143 Page A swapping on transmit/receive winston 4457d 22h /trunk/
142 Save and restore page A during socket operations winston 4457d 23h /trunk/
141 More libspectranet winston 4471d 00h /trunk/
140 More libspectranet functions winston 4472d 06h /trunk/
139 make a start on the utility library winston 4473d 21h /trunk/

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