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198 More tnfs operations winston 4303d 20h /trunk/
197 TNFS chdir winston 4310d 03h /trunk/
196 More missing files winston 4310d 05h /trunk/
195 Fix menu key out of range bug winston 4310d 06h /trunk/
194 add more missing files winston 4310d 06h /trunk/
193 add more missing files winston 4310d 06h /trunk/
192 Add missing file winston 4310d 08h /trunk/
191 start on implementing chdir winston 4311d 01h /trunk/
190 Add build version string to startup screen winston 4313d 21h /trunk/
189 Remove 128K ROM paging from NMI routine winston 4313d 22h /trunk/
188 TNFS file ops winston 4325d 01h /trunk/
187 Win32 port of ethup winston 4326d 05h /trunk/
186 Add missing keyscan routine to Spanish ROM (oops..) winston 4327d 23h /trunk/
185 tnfs umount and directory ops winston 4331d 21h /trunk/
184 TNFS directory ops winston 4332d 21h /trunk/
183 tested and debugged tnfs mount operation winston 4334d 22h /trunk/
182 new devtools dir for cross development, some tnfs initial devleopment winston 4336d 22h /trunk/
181 Add through port no-connects to prototype install document winston 4344d 04h /trunk/
180 Notes for lucky recipients of the prototype winston 4346d 00h /trunk/
179 Quick and dirty addition of Matt Westcott's Open ZX ROM keyboard routines winston 4346d 02h /trunk/

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