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238 Add %fs command to switch between mounted filesystems winston 4091d 00h /trunk/
237 Fix umount in perl server winston 4095d 21h /trunk/
236 Manage TNFS sockets for >1 filesystem, fix umount winston 4095d 21h /trunk/
235 update BASIC extensions for sysvars shift-around caused by multiple fs implementation winston 4096d 22h /trunk/
234 Implement multiple TNFS filesystems winston 4096d 22h /trunk/
233 Change mount command to use URLs winston 4100d 06h /trunk/
232 URL parser for filesystem mounts winston 4100d 22h /trunk/
231 Remove (most) references to the current fs sysvar, since this is now parsed out of pathnames winston 4103d 00h /trunk/
230 Add filesystem tag parsing to VFS fs level functions winston 4106d 02h /trunk/
229 Move some utility code out of the main ROM and into the utility ROM winston 4106d 04h /trunk/
228 BASIC listening sockets winston 4122d 07h /trunk/
227 add # to connect and close winston 4122d 11h /trunk/
226 better buffer allocation for BASIC streams winston 4130d 23h /trunk/
225 Filesystem basic extensions, configuration tool module, streams module winston 4152d 00h /trunk/
224 Numerous bug fixes winston 4152d 00h /trunk/
223 Modify trap address for better compatibility with headerless loaders winston 4181d 00h /trunk/
222 Tape trapping winston 4181d 20h /trunk/
221 Filesystem basic extension work so far... winston 4191d 02h /trunk/
220 Fix bug in F_tnfs_write winston 4191d 03h /trunk/
219 Fix bug in UDP source address setup when addr is specified in address info block winston 4191d 04h /trunk/

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