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278 More snapman UI winston 3991d 21h /trunk/
277 more UI bits for the snap manager winston 3996d 01h /trunk/
276 List snap files winston 4008d 23h /trunk/
275 Add extra defs for stat winston 4009d 01h /trunk/
274 Selection box for snapshot manager winston 4011d 22h /trunk/
273 make a start on the UI for snapshot management winston 4015d 21h /trunk/
272 Load/save screen memory via Spectranet RAM pages in preparation for the snapshot manager winston 4023d 04h /trunk/
271 Make TNFS able to write/read data that's in 0x1000-0x1FFF winston 4023d 05h /trunk/
270 New colour scheme for Spectranet screens winston 4025d 22h /trunk/
269 Copy border colour from spectranet sysvars winston 4025d 22h /trunk/
268 ...and not forgetting to remove inetinit/dhcp from the ES rom page 2 winston 4027d 23h /trunk/
267 Move interface initialization/dhcp client to page 3 to free up space in the page where the NMI user interface lives winston 4028d 00h /trunk/
266 Make IM detection code slightly more sane -what was I thinking? winston 4028d 01h /trunk/
265 Detect 7FFD/machine type on NMI, and ensure the 'normal' screen is selected on 128K machines winston 4030d 06h /trunk/
264 Remove A17, add 0x7FFD bit 3 monitor winston 4030d 10h /trunk/
263 First pass of 128K snapshotting winston 4031d 04h /trunk/
262 128K snapshot loading winston 4037d 21h /trunk/
261 Save the true border colour in snapshots winston 4039d 23h /trunk/
260 Add border colour monitoring to the CPLD winston 4039d 23h /trunk/
259 Don't DI in ISR winston 4040d 00h /trunk/

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