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442 New and prevent file overwrite on copy winston 3407d 23h /trunk/
441 remove bugs in path concatenation winston 3411d 11h /trunk/
440 copy destination smartness, detect directory as destination winston 3411d 12h /trunk/
439 oops, broke close() winston 3419d 15h /trunk/
438 Current fs wasn't being set according to the file descriptor in use winston 3419d 15h /trunk/
437 ...making sure to actually add copy.asm winston 3420d 11h /trunk/
436 make a start on the cp command winston 3420d 12h /trunk/
435 Make NMI menu snapshot item correct winston 3422d 16h /trunk/
434 Fix stat bug in directory listing winston 3422d 16h /trunk/
433 Make sure config copied sysvar is updated on exit winston 3501d 16h /trunk/
432 Alistair Cree's vfs.asm fix winston 3511d 13h /trunk/
431 apply Philip Kendall's dependency fix winston 3511d 13h /trunk/
430 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version, better idea, use BC winston 3549d 12h /trunk/
429 Add modcall procedure to get ROM version winston 3549d 12h /trunk/
428 Silence the AY on NMI winston 3549d 13h /trunk/
427 Make sure all 128K machines start in USR 0 mode winston 3561d 17h /trunk/
426 auto setup for new Spectranets winston 3572d 12h /trunk/
425 Trap disable jumper should disable all traps winston 3575d 17h /trunk/
424 fix bug in bin2tape where start wasn't being set winston 3579d 12h /trunk/
423 add simple initial configuration server winston 3579d 12h /trunk/

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