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                ; Assumptions: The W5100 is paged into paging area A (0x1000)
                ; for register manipulation.
                ; Register definitions for the W5100. Offset by 0x1000 bytes.

                ; Common registers.
                define MR       0x1000  ; Mode register
                define GAR0     0x1001  ; Gateway addr first octet
                define GAR1     0x1002
                define GAR2     0x1003
                define GAR3     0x1004
                define SUBR0    0x1005  ; Subnet mask, first octet
                define SUBR1    0x1006
                define SUBR2    0x1007
                define SUBR3    0x1008
                define SHAR0    0x1009  ; Our ethernet address, first of 6
                define SHAR1    0x100A
                define SHAR2    0x100B
                define SHAR3    0x100C
                define SHAR4    0x100D
                define SHAR5    0x100E
                define SIPR0    0x100F  ; First octet of our IP address
                define SIPR1    0x1010
                define SIPR2    0x1011
                define SIPR3    0x1012
                define IR       0x1015  ; Interrupt register
                define IMR      0x1016  ; Interrupt mask
                define RTR0     0x1017  ; Retry time
                define RTR1     0x1018
                define RCR      0x1019  ; Retry count register
                define RMSR     0x101A  ; RX memory size
                define TMSR     0x101B  ; TX memory size
                define PATR0    0x101C  ; PPPoE authentication type
                define PATR1    0x101D
                define PTIMER   0x1028  ; PPPoE LCP request timer
                define PMAGIC   0x1029  ; PPPoE LCD magic number
                define UIPR0    0x102A  ; Unreachable IP address 1st octet
                define UIPR1    0x102B
                define UIPR2    0x102C
                define UIPR3    0x102D
                define UPORT0   0x102E  ; Unreachable port (big endian)
                define UPORT1   0x102F

                ; Socket registers (base address - socket 0)
                define Sn_BASE  0x04    ; amount to subtract from addr. to
                                        ; derive buffer base
                define Sn_MAX   0x48    ; high byte of highest socket reg.
                define Sn_MR    0x1400  ; Socket 0 mode
                define Sn_CR    0x1401  ; Socket 0 command
                define Sn_IR    0x1402  ; Socket 0 interrupt
                define Sn_SR    0x1403  ; Socket 0 status
                define Sn_PORT0 0x1404  ; Socket 0 port (big endian)
                define Sn_PORT1 0x1405
                define Sn_DHAR0 0x1406  ; socket 0 destination ethernet addr.
                define Sn_DHAR1 0x1407
                define Sn_DHAR2 0x1408
                define Sn_DHAR3 0x1409
                define Sn_DHAR4 0x140A
                define Sn_DHAR5 0x140B
                define Sn_DIPR0 0x140C  ; Socket 0 destination IP addr.
                define Sn_DIPR1 0x140D
                define Sn_DIPR2 0x140E
                define Sn_DIPR3 0x140F
                define Sn_DPORT0 0x1410 ; Socket 0 dest port (big endian)
                define Sn_DPORT1 0x1411
                define Sn_MSSR0 0x1412  ; Socket 0 max segment size
                define Sn_MSSR1 0x1413
                define Sn_PROTO 0x1414  ; Socket 0 proto in IP raw mode
                define Sn_TOS   0x1415  ; Type of service
                define Sn_TTL   0x1416  ; Socket 0 time-to-live
                define Sn_TX_FSR0 0x1420 ; Socket 0 free size
                define Sn_TX_FSR1 0x1421 ; (big endian)
                define Sn_TX_RD0 0x1422 ; TX read pointer
                define Sn_TX_RD1 0x1423 ; TX read pointer
                define Sn_TX_WR0 0x1424 ; TX write pointer
                define Sn_TX_WR1 0x1425 ;
                define Sn_RX_RSR0 0x1426 ; Socket 0 received size
                define Sn_RX_RSR1 0x1427
                define Sn_RX_RD0 0x1428 ; Socket 0 RX read pointer
                define Sn_RX_RD1 0x1429

                ; Register bit values for ORing into bitfields
                ; Mode register
                define MR_IND   1       ; Set for indirect bus IF mode
                define MR_AI    2       ; Set for address auto increment
                define MR_PPPoE 8       ; Use PPPoE
                define MR_PB    16      ; Set ping block
                define MR_RST   128     ; Software reset

                ; Interrupt register
                define IR_S0_INT 1      ; Socket 0 interrupt enable
                define IR_S1_INT 2      ; Socket 1 EI
                define IR_S2_INT 4      
                define IR_S3_INT 8
                define IR_PPPoE 32      ; PPPoE interrupts
                define IR_UNREACH 64    ; Dest unreachable interrupt
                define IR_CONFLICT 128  ; IP conflict interrupt

                ; Interrupt mask register - as interrupt register.
                define IM_S0_INT 1
                define IM_S1_INT 2
                define IM_S2_INT 4
                define IM_S3_INT 8
                define IM_PPPoE 32
                define IM_UNREACH 64
                define IM_CONFLICT 128

                ; Socket modes
                define S_MR_CLOSED      0
                define S_MR_TCP         1
                define SOCK_STREAM      1
                define S_MR_UDP         2
                define SOCK_DGRAM       2
                define S_MR_IPRAW       3
                define SOCK_RAW         3
                define S_MR_MACRAW      4
                define S_MR_PPPoE       5
                define S_MR_NDMC        32      ; Use no delayed ACK
                define S_MR_MULTI       128     ; enable multicasting

                ; Socket commands
                define S_CR_OPEN        1
                define S_CR_LISTEN      2
                define S_CR_CONNECT     4
                define S_CR_DISCON      8
                define S_CR_CLOSE       0x10
                define S_CR_SEND        0x20
                define S_CR_SEND_MAC    0x21
                define S_CR_SEND_KEEP   0x22
                define S_CR_RECV        0x40

                ; Interrupt register
                define S_IR_CON         1       ; Connected
                define S_IR_DISCON      2       ; Disconnected
                define S_IR_RECV        4       ; Data received
                define S_IR_TIMEOUT     8       ; Timeout occurred
                define S_IR_SEND_OK     16      ; Send completed
                ; poll(2) definitions (see above)
                define POLLIN           5       /* S_IR_RECV | S_IR_CON */
                define POLLHUP          2       /* S_IR_DISCON - output only */

                ; Bit version of the above
                define BIT_IR_CON       0        
                define BIT_IR_DISCON    1
                define BIT_IR_RECV      2
                define BIT_IR_TIMEOUT   3
                define BIT_IR_SEND_OK   4
                ; Status register - values, not bits
                define S_SR_SOCK_CLOSED 0x00    ; Socket is closed      
                define S_SR_SOCK_INIT   0x13    ; Socket is initialized
                define S_SR_SOCK_LISTEN 0x14    ; Listen state
                define S_SR_SOCK_ESTABLISHED 0x17 ; Connection establised
                define S_SR_SOCK_CLOSE_WAIT 0x1C ; CLOSE_WAIT state
                define S_SR_SOCK_UDP    0x22    ; UDP socket
                define S_SR_SOCK_IPRAW  0x32    ; Raw socket
                define S_SR_SOCK_MACRAW 0x42    ; Raw ethernet
                define S_SR_SOCK_PPPOE  0x5F    ; PPPoE socket
                define S_SR_SOCK_SYNSENT 0x15   ; SYN_SENT state
                define S_SR_SOCK_SYNRECV 0x16   ; SYN_RECV
                define S_SR_SOCK_FIN_WAIT 0x18  ; FIN_WAIT
                define S_SR_SOCK_CLOSING 0x1A   ; Closing the socket
                define S_SR_SOCK_TIME_WAIT 0x1B ; TIME_WAIT
                define S_SR_SOCK_LAST_ACK 0x1D
                define S_SR_SOCK_ARP1 0x11
                define S_SR_SOCK_ARP2 0x21
                define S_SR_SOCK_ARP3 0x31

                define REGISTER_PAGE    0x80    ; external mem page 0
                define BUFFER_PAGE      0x81    ; external mem page 1
                define MEMMGMT          0xE0    ; memory manager port

                define INVALID_SOCKNUM  4       ; >=4 is not valid.

                ; Buffer memory should be paged into area A.
                define gSn_RX_BASE      0x1000
                define gSn_RX_MASK      0x07FF
                define gSn_TX_BASE      0x1000
                define gSn_TX_MASK      0x07FF

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