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Rev 442 → Rev 483

31,15 → 31,19
OFFSET_CHKSUM equ 20 ; "checksum" byte
ZX_HEADERLEN equ 17 ; Length of ZX header excl. check byte
; File mode and flag definitions
O_RDONLY equ 0x01
O_WRONLY equ 0x02
O_RDWR equ 0x03
O_APPEND equ 0x01
O_CREAT equ 0x02
O_EXCL equ 0x04
O_TRUNC equ 0x08
; File mode oflag definitions
O_RDONLY equ 0x0001
O_WRONLY equ 0x0002
O_RDWR equ 0x0003
O_ACCMODE equ 0x0003
O_EXEC equ 0x0004
O_APPEND equ 0x0008
O_CREAT equ 0x0100
O_TRUNC equ 0x0200
O_EXCL equ 0x0400
; Seek definitions
SEEK_SET equ 0x00
SEEK_CUR equ 0x01