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This project is in its early planning phase, and there's nothing definite yet about the form this project will take.

The overall goals will be:

  • A ULA+ implementation that implements DVI-D (compatible with HDMI) output in 480p resolution.
  • Implemented most likely using a Spartan-6SLX9 FPGA in a TQFP-144 package.
  • Will not require the user to open up the Spectrum to use - it'll just plug into the back.
  • Compatible with 48K, 128K, +2 and +3

Secondary objectives:

  • Small embedded CPU in the FPGA to provide information overlays on the screen (such as telling the user if there's a problem, or providing information displays).
  • Allow the DVI buffer to be de-linked from the shadow Spectrum screen, so that the Spectrum can write to the DVI frame buffer in the FPGA.

Maybe I'll think about it objectives:

  • VGA out (less likely; will require a number of extra components to implement)