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Latest News

Since the project is now getting under way in a 'real way' for the Spectrum ethernet board, this wiki has been set up as an easy way to document the project. Additionally, WebSVN has been set up so that the Spectranet repository can be browsed and downloaded easily: see .

See the news blog for more.

Project Info

  • Spectranet - The Spectrum ethernet card - make your Spectrum talk to the world.
  • Diagnostics - A simple diagnostics card - assists in fixing broken machines.


The software tools used for all of these projects are:

Gerber files and PostScript files will also be available, so if you don't want to edit the PCB layouts or schematics, you can produce the phototools/toner transfer sheets without needing them. You will need at least the Impact part of ISE to program a CPLD. Programming hardware can be as simple as a parallel cable since Xilinx CPLDs are programmed via JTAG rather than some byzantine high voltage programming method.